The Relationship of Creatinine with the Development of Kidney Stones

Creatinine is normally excreted in the body in the form of urine. High levels of this in the body would mean a problem in the kidneys. This can even be an early sign that the kidneys are slowly deteriorating.

Laboratory tests will reveal the increase in the levels of creatinine in the body. Once this test runs positive, prompt medical attention is a must. There are certain medications that will help decrease its level thus lessening the probability of acquiring kidney stones.

creatinine kidney stones

Diet modification to Lower Level of Creatinine

Creatinine levels can be corrected through proper medical care and diet modification. Once this has already been corrected, a person has to follow strict lifestyle changes to avoid kidney stones from recurring. Avoid drinks having high caffeine level, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and avoid eating fatty foods.

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