What Are Nutritional Supplements For Kidney Stones?


There are so many alternative ways to treat kidney stones and one of the most common natural ways to reduce kidney stones is to use supplements. There are so many natural supplements for kidney stones that are recommended in the market and while most of these may be familiar to you, some are quite new in the treatment of stones. Here are the most popular natural supplements to reduce kidney stones:

  • Magnesium – magnesium is classified as a mineral that is actually present in large amounts in the body however about half of these are found in the bones. This mineral is very important in regulating so many body processes and chemical reactions in the body. Taking magnesium supplements is often recommended for people who have low levels of the mineral; it also needed to treat heart diseases, high blood pressure, to balance high-density and low-density cholesterol levels and kidney stones to name a few. In kidney stones, it helps reduce the development of calcium oxalate crystals that grow into large calcium stones. Individuals who are diagnosed with kidney stones should take 84 to 252 mg of elemental magnesium daily.
  • Phosphate salts – there are so many foods, medications and preparations that we take every day which contain phosphates. Phosphate salts on the other hand are taken orally as a remedy to increase phosphates in the blood which in turn reduce blood calcium levels. When calcium levels are reduced, kidney stones are least likely to develop. Aside from using phosphates as a supplement for kidney stones, it may also be used to reduce pain in sensitive teeth and as a laxative to cleanse the bowels prior to surgery of the gastro intestinal tract. As mentioned, phosphates may also be readily available from the food and drinks that we eat; one particular drink is cola beverages which contain huge amounts of phosphates. Drinking too much cola may actually increase the amount of phosphate in the blood eventually reducing calcium levels in the process.
  • Potassium citrate – this supplement for the treatment of kidney stones has been known to soften stones that are made of calcium and help prevent the development of calcium stones by as much as 90%. It may also be effective in the prevention of stones made of uric acid crystals and cystine crystals when used regularly. Potassium citrate is available in tablet, extend-release capsules and in liquid form; when using this supplement, you need to keep still and avoid lying down for at least 30 minutes. It also has to be taken with meals and with water to facilitate complete absorption of the supplement.
  • Vitamins like vitamin K and B6 that are promising supplements for kidney stones. These vitamins help with the body’s absorption of calcium so that there is less calcium that is found in the blood and in the urine. When calcium levels are normal in the body, kidney stones will be prevented from developing in the first place.

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