Passing Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed from mineral deposits in the kidneys and even in the urinary bladder. Stones are usually made from minerals and acid salts and could range from as small as a grain of sand or rice to as huge as a golf ball. Kidney stones may also develop into an irregularly shaped material inside the kidney which could be very painful and damaging to the kidneys. Irregular shaped stones can scrape the walls of the kidney or bladder and lead to bleeding or infections. The most common cause of kidney stone formation is an increased concentration of minerals in the urine. These minerals settle along the walls of the kidneys or the bladder and stick together to form kidney stones.

Pain of passing a kidney stone 

Pain of Passing Kidney StoneIt could be very painful to pass kidney stones especially when these stones are large and irregular in size. When a kidney stone starts to pass, the pain will typically occur suddenly and without any signs. Sharp, stabbing pain usually develops in your side or back, typically in the kidney area.  Then,  the pain will travel downward into the genital area until you finish urinating. The sufferer will feel better after that. Most of the sufferers will require pain relievers or medication to help them when passing a kidney stones.

How to pass kidney stones?

Kidney stones may be removed from the body using different ways and this could be according to the stone’s size and composition. Natural ways to remove kidney stones are ways that do not use chemicals, drugs and surgical procedures to pass stones from the body. However, before learning the many possible natural ways to remove stones is there is no natural technique that can totally remove existing stones especially large stones (larger than 8 mm). Only surgical removal is the most successful technique of removing large and irregular kidney stones.

Drinking more fluids

Increasing your water or fluid intake in a day could help dilute the kidneys and the urinary bladder. It could also prevent the formation of small stones and may also help dissolve smaller stones so these may be passed safely out of the body via the urine. Increasing your fluid intake from 8 to 10 glasses of water or fluids in a day could help as well as eating foods that have high water content. Foods like fruits, soups, gelatin and teas are perfect beverages to choose. On the other hand, drinks like carbonated drinks, sodas and caffeinated drinks must be totally avoided.

  • Avoiding alcohol  – Since you need to drink a lot fluids, this not necessary mean you need drink alcohol to help Limit or Avoid Alcoholyou pass a kidney stones. Alcohol is debilitating to your kidneys and drinking alcoholic beverages when you have been diagnosed with kidney stones will only make symptoms worse. Alcohol will also overwork your kidneys and your liver which will also affect the already weak kidneys. Stopping alcohol intake is the best. It will not just help you prevent developing kidney stones in the future but will also improve your overall health.


What you eat may also help you naturally pass out kidney stones. Foods like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, lettuce and blueberries are just some of the foods that are known to be natural diuretics or foods that will stimulate the kidneys from producing more urine. The most common characteristics of all these foods is that all have high potassium and manganese content which naturally helps the body remove fluids through urination. You may eat these foods on their own or you may include them in recipes and salads. Including these foods in your meal everyday will eventually help you prevent the formation of new kidney stones.

Using natural remedies

There are countless natural remedies and traditional techniques that are known to be effective in the removal of smaller kidney stones. Before trying any treatment, be sure to consult your doctor beforehand.

  • Lemon juice and olive oil – 2 ounces of freshly-squeezed lemon juice together with 2 ounces of olive oil are known to reduce the symptoms of kidney stones. This mixture is added to 12 ounces of water and must be taken every hour until pain is reduced.
  • Urva ursi – is a traditional remedy for kidney stones and not only will it help reduce pain but will also treat kidney and bladder infections caused by kidney stones. It also promotes urinary system health and as a tonic for the kidneys, liver and the pancreas. Urva ursi is available in capsule form, teas and extracts.
  • Pomegranate juice – natural pomegranate juice have so many health benefits. The seeds as well as the juice of the lowly pomegranate contain natural chemicals that will help stimulate the kidneys to produce more urine. The best way to take advantage of the pomegranate’s amazing therapeutic properties is to drink freshly squeezed pomegranate juice using a juicer.
  • Using magnesium supplements – magnesium supplements are known to reduce the symptoms of kidney stones in people who are diagnosed with the illness. You can help prevent smaller stones from developing into large stones and to reduce pain and inflammation caused by stones as well.

Sound waves

Possibly one of the most successful ways to remove kidney stones is the use of sound waves. Lithotripsy is a method wherein a person is immersed in a tub full of water, sound waves are applied on the water and this in turn vibrate the stones in an effort to crush or to disintegrate stones into smaller bits. This treatment may be recommended by a doctor according to the size and the location of the stones.

How long does it take to pass kidney stones?

It may depend on the type of stone, the size and the method used to break up stones. If you are using natural methods to break stones up it can take a while to eventually do these treatments will be able to prevent stones from forming in the future. Surgical procedures guarantee removal of stones but kidney stones may still form after the procedure. Thus combining natural and surgical methods should be considered by a physician.

Naturally kidney stones that are smaller and are just beginning to form are the easiest to break and pass out of the body via the urine. Larger and more complicated stones will never be able to break up and pass out. Stones that have formed in the calyces of the kidneys are also very difficult to pass whereas minute kidney stones that have developed near the entrance to the bladder are the easiest.

Other ways to pass kidney stones

Smaller stones that cause minimal pain, bleeding and discomfort may be treated using medical therapy. Medications called alpha blockers may help relax the muscles of the kidneys to allow stones to be easily passed.


There is NO Over-The-Counter product that can help you to pass a kidney stones at least to our knowledge. Some people take pain relievers just to ease the pain.  And just that. In fact, doctors do not recommend taking NSAID when passing kidney stones. It will make more damage to your kidneys and possibly the internal organs as well. 

Surgical removal on the other hand is recommended for larger stones causing severe symptoms. Surgery using a small scope which is inserted into the back of the patient is used to remove stones that that are bigger. The scope gives the surgeon direct access to the stone and a tool is inserted via the scope to break up or snag the stone. (Ureteroscopy or Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy)

The best approach to kidney stone treatment is prevention. This includes drinking water, eating foods that have low oxalate levels and eating foods low in salt and protein to totally avoid aggravating kidney stone growth and symptoms. The best resource on the ideal diet plan for avoiding kidney stones is a dietician. Your doctor may also advice avoiding alcohol intake and other lifestyle tweaks to finally treat kidney stones symptoms for good.

How To Avoid Kidney Stones

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31 thoughts on “Passing Kidney Stones

  1. Hi,

    I would like to share my experience .
    I have suffered from kidney stones for the last 10 years.

    I started taking a magnesium supplement early morning(it works best at that time).I have been stone free after that.

    If I miss taking it for a couple of weeks the stones come back.I just take magnesium supplement 3 times a day and the stone clears.

    Why it works is—-most stones are calcium oxalate stones that are insoluble ,but if you take magnesium then it combines with the oxalates to form magnesium oxalate which is soluble.therefore we actually prevent the oxalates from combining with calcium.simple science and it has worked very well for me.

    Hope it helps .



  2. i have a 3mm kidney stone in my left kidney ,from last two days i have a more lower back pain ,,,,what are the food i should avoid and what are the food take more,,,,,can anyone help me to pass over this problem,,,,,,

  3. hi plz suggest me i have 3 stones 2 is 4 mm and one is 8mm is galbalader plz suggest me plz help me

  4. Hello I need your help my husband has kidney stones and has gone to many doctores and he complains to them that the pain is so bad that he is loosing his mind and its breaking are family apart we have to small children and his in pain everyday and not one doctor can trigger the pain or pinch nerve …can you recommend us to a doctor in Houston please ….help us I don’t know what else to do it hurts to see a man cry and I can’t comfort him when he says it feels like someone is digging in his rib cage it hurts so bad to see him in pain ….

  5. Dear Sir.
    My husband is suffering from this kidney stone problem, and it is giving him severe pain, the stone is 5.75 mm on the left side of the abdomen.
    It is now almost 7 days but the stone is not yet out. can we go for the surgery or still wait for how many days, or any natural way. please advise. Awaiting for your feedback .Thanks

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  7. dear sir,recently i was deteceted formation of stone in my right side kidney by ultrasound.according doctor’s advice i am taking madicines in preleminary stage,so please advice me how it will be cureable at an early date.thanks.

  8. Dear Doctor,

    Rcently I had 5 mm stone in my right kidney, But after 30-days next doctor in afghanistan made altrasound and exposed 4mm by 10mm.

    it has been 1 week, at first much pain from lower back and abodominal and now little, is it possilbe nuturally pass by drinking water and lemon juice+ oliv oil and water million?

    Please helpe me.


  9. If you go natural or alternative remedies, there’s no guarantee that you will get better or cured. Sometimes it does not work. Sometimes it does. I cannot explain why but it all depends how our bodies react to natural substance. But if you surgical procedures, there’s a bigger chance that you will get better.

  10. Dear Sir

    Kindly advise me if i m having kidney stone of calculii 25mm …what would you suggest me medicines without surgery. If u have a solution please suggest me..
    Waiting for your kind response.


  11. i have 20mm stone in left kidney. i want to pass it naturally. please help

  12. hello,
    i am in nigeria how do i have access to the product or treatment.

  13. I’ve had 14 surgeries. Last one I had 55 stones. For those that are trying to wait it out. My advice see a doctor . I let one stone go for 2 years . Now I have 70% kidney damage and a in large kidney from all the swelling. Now I’m in pain every day. So do yourself a favor go to the doctor.

  14. I have 0.85mm kidney stone .I take systone but still paining… I am in bahrain plz help me……

  15. i have four kidney stones,two in each kidney with the largest been 7.29mm and the smallest 6.17mm
    …please i need help ASAP…the ain is really unbearable….i want a natural remedy and not. surgery.

  16. My stone is 7mm and has been torturing me the last month, I’ve been to the hospital twice in one week. I haven’t passed it yet and now I’m getting two more, one in each kidney. Remember even when the store passes you want to keep drinking water to prevent any more forming

  17. I have multiple kidney stone in my both kidney for approx 20 years, Left kidney stone size approx 5 to 7 mm and Right kidney stone size 4 to 6 mm. Please suggest me.

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  19. Dr Rajest Kumar,could you please help me to overcome my kidney problem,thanks in advance……….

  20. I will immediately grab your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks. ddbgegedgkeddfdc

  21. please find ways to help me get treatment , i have multiple kidney stone in my right kidney with the biggest 6.5 mm and on the left 2-3 with biggest 4mm and also the biggest 16mm in my bladder ,ill be glad to get help.

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