Popular Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones in Men

Kidney stones are mineral deposits that accumulate in the kidney; you may never know you have kidney stones until these small bits grow into a stone as large as a pea. A stone as large as this is enough to lodge into the ureter blocking the flow of urine; this can cause excruciating pain which can leave you awake at night. It is also known that men are more prone to suffer from kidney stones than women; studies show that men are four times more likely to develop kidney stones compared to women since women are somehow “protected” by their natural female hormones. This is one of the reasons why more men these days are looking for natural remedies for kidney stones; natural remedies are more widely used since these are effective, with little to no side effects and are very easy to use. If you have been diagnosed with kidney stones, check out these natural remedies so you can find relief from painful kidney stones the natural way:

    1. Mineral water – drink 8 to 10 glasses of mineral water each day. Mineral water has reduced amounts of uric acid and calcium which can increase the size of your stones. You may need to avoid drinking commercially-prepared juices and drinks since these only contain minerals and organic substances that can also increase the size of kidney stones. Water also help dilute the bladder and can help flush out small bits of stones out of the body.
    2. Milk – although milk contains calcium, foods and drinks that contain calcium must be avoided, men and women who are known to eat a low-calcium diet are more prone to developing stones. This is why calcium supplements are recommended to lower the risk of developing stones.
    3. Wine – whether you drink red wine or white wine, a single glass of wine will help reduce the development of kidney stones by at least 39%. But drinking more than a glass brings no additional benefit. Same goes to drinking coffee and beer; studies show that these are alternative remedies for kidney stones since drinking a single cup of regular coffee each day reduces your risk by at least 10% while a tall glass of beer will help reduce the development of stones by 21%.

There are more alternative natural remedies for kidney stones in men but the most important thing of all is to take time to review your diet and lifestyle. Kidney stones are known to run in families but it can be controlled and prevented when you are very cautious about your diet. Men should also try to live a more active life since stones are also known to develop in people who have a sedentary lifestyle.

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