Lemon Juice For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones could turn into a devastating experience, but the good news is that this condition can be treated. If detected early enough, you could even be in a position to treat yourself from home using natural remedies. Although the pain that is associated with kidney stones could be unbearable, there are several medications that are available for its treatment. However, natural remedies are recommended, since they enhance your overall health without introducing chemicals into your body. In addition, a natural remedy is much cheaper than the alternatives, including surgery, which is also traumatic for your body.

Several studies that have been carried out indicate that lemon juice is effective as a remedy for kidney stones. Typically, kidney stones are formed when small mineral sediments accumulate in your kidneys for an extended period of time. Although the stone starts out as an insignificant substance, it tends to grow larger if it is not eliminated from the system promptly. These mineral sediments that form the stones usually consist of uric acid or calcium that is present in urine. Kidney stone formation is also enhanced when there is an inadequate amount of water in the kidneys to dissolve the waste products. This is the reason why nutritionists and doctors recommend that you take eight glasses of water every day.

The size of kidney stones varies between 4 and 7 millimeters. When the kidney stone is very small, it could dissolve on its own, as long as you are taking sufficient amounts of fluid. On the other hand, if the kidney stone is too large to be dissolve by water or lemon juice, surgery may be necessitated for the removal of the kidney stone. The most common type of kidney stones is those that are formed by calcium phosphate. However, lemon juice is effective for dissolving them because of its Vitamin C content.

Preparing lemon juice for the treatment of kidney stones is simple; all you need is three cups of natural lemon juice and three quarters of distilled water. Natural lemon juice is that which is pressed from actual lemons, or you could just make sure that the lemon juice you buy is actually natural. When preparing your own lemon juice, blend a glass of concentrated lemon juice with a quart of drinking water. For the best results, you should drink at least two glasses of the lemon juice within the same day.

Pure lemon juice raises the citrate levels in urine, and this is known to protect you against calcium stones. Although you may opt for orange juice, it is important to note that it will not lower the calcium levels in your kidneys, and it actually increases your oxalate levels. As such, orange juice is not recommended for kidney stone treatment. It is also important to get proper diagnosis from your health provider before you opt for any type of home remedy. This is because there are several diseases associated with the kidney that display similar symptoms as those of kidney stones. Taking the right measures promptly could thus save you a lot of pain and expenses.

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4 thoughts on “Lemon Juice For Kidney Stones

  1. Roma; Ask your doctor if they can blow up the stone. Im not sure what you call the machine but they blow the stone into smaller pieces, and give hubby a pain killer in case some of the pieces still cause pain but hopefully he can pass them with just the pain pills or maybe not even them. So with drinking lots of water and having the pills handy, Lord willing, he will flush it out.

  2. Im facing the reality that i have a kidney stone.both my kidney we have a stone,last yr 2012 that i undergone an a operating in the left kidney….then every 3month im going to the hospital to follow check up…year2014 the rigthkidney we have a stone again so as of now im having a kidney stone both n right n left kidney.how can i prevent pls help me n advice…

  3. My husband is facing problem from kidney stone n we dont want operation. …pls help n advice

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