Kidney Stones In Women

Though kidney stones in women are less likely to occur as compare to men, still it makes women very uncomfortable and irritated. Aside from being painful, it brings a lot of side effects in women.

Some say that only men are severely affected by kidney stones. This is not true. Women can also be severely affected by such illness, but as have said, women are less likely to be infected with kidney stones for so many reasons.

    The usual signs and symptoms felt by women that may lead to the conclusion of having urinary tract infection, or worse kidney stones in women, are the following:
  • Pain felt at the lower back and abdomen most especially when touched. Such pain sometime grows intolerable especially when not given the right attention during the first few days of infection. This may be felt from time to time and may occur anywhere within the area where our kidney lies.

  • Kidney stones in women will most probably cause hematuria This is the term used in cases where blood is already visible in the urine. In worst cases real red blood may be present in the blood and can be seen by our naked eyes. While most cases of hematuria are detected by looking at urine sample under the microscope. Hematuria brings the message that there are already some damages present in the walls of your kidney.

  • Pain felt when urinating. A simple UTI or urinary tract infection may be accompanied with painful feeling.

  • Fever may also occur as it indicates infection. It is usually accompanied with chills as it tells you that there is something wrong going on inside your body.

  • Loss of appetite which may eventually lead to weight loss.

  • Frequent vomiting with sudden attacks of nausea.

  • Severe constipation. The two may be not related but because of too less water intake, constipation may also take place.Click HERE to remove kidney stones naturally for women and for pregnant women as well. Guaranteed Safe!

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