Kidney Stones In Teenage Girls

Kidney stones in teenage girls dramatically increase over the last couple of years and no one seems to know the real reason why. There has been sum assumptions coming from several health enthusiasts but no one seems to end up with an acceptable conclusion.

Statistics shows that kidney stones in teenage girls are more rampant as compared from the number of reported cases of teenage boys. This scenario is the total opposite when we talk about the cases of kidney stones infecting adults. If we base the statistics on adult kidney stone patients, men are the ones who are gravely affected by the said illness; and this case has factual bases like:

  • The lifestyle of men is totally different with women. They are more prone to consume alcohol and they are more inclined in practicing poor health habits.

  • The urinary tract formation of men is more complicated than women.

Although, kidney stones in teenage girls may be brought by a lot of factors like the following:

  • It may be due to obesity which is also one of the increasing problems in the health industry today concerning the youngsters.

  • It may be because to the food they eat. Foods today may contain a lot of sodium and other unnecessary preservatives which brings toxins to our body.

  • It could because of the increasing demands of technology which keeps them busy that they forget to drink water.

  • Teenage girls may be too busy with a lot of things today which makes them live in a fast paced world causing them to eat ready to eat foods that are very much filled with preservatives.

Any of these things could be the reason why kidney stones in teenage girls are becoming so rampant nowadays. But nevertheless, we should teach our children how to eat right and live a healthy life to prevent not just the kidney stones but also other types of illnesses.

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