Kidney Stones In Teenage Boys

Though statistics says that kidney stones are most likely to occur in men rather than in women, this fact only holds true for adults. There are lesser reported cases of kidney stones in teenage boys than in teenage girls. There had been many studies conducted but nothing has ever proven the real reason why statistics came up with such numbers. But no matter if they kidney stones in teenage boys or teen age girls, we should all be aware about the facts about kidney stones so that we will be aware on the things that we have to do next.

    Here some assumptions from medical people why kidney stones in teenage boys and girls are becoming so rampant nowadays.
  • The lifestyle of teenagers today is so much different as compared to the lifestyle of teenagers before. Today teenagers seem to be so busy with so many things in life brought by the increasing demands and evolving technology around them.

  • Foods that teenagers eat today may contain more preservatives which contribute a lot in building up toxins in their body’s system.

  • Obesity may also be one of the reasons. We are all aware that aside from increased kidney stone cases among teenagers, obesity is also a number one problem which could be one of the causes of kidney failures.

  • Unhealthy vices usually start during the adolescent stage. Having poor health habits may be one of the many reasons why people acquire kidney stones.

All these reasons may be contributing to the built up of kidney stones. Nevertheless, we should know how to prevent getting one aside from dealing with the probable causes.

  • Start by drinking 8 to 10 pure fresh water every day.

  • If you want to drink juice, make sure it is a cranberry or a coconut juice.

  • Stay away from foods with high sodium content.

  • Pee when you feel like peeing.

  • Stay away from unhealthy vices.

  • Keep a good hygiene.

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