Kidney Stones In Pregnancy

Kidney Stone for pregnant women

Kidney stones usually results from the formation of the calcium salts together with both oxalate and phosphate. Pregnant women are very much prone to develop UTI or Urinary Tract Infection due to several reasons. In line with this developing kidney stone in pregnancy is not so surprising to happen. Having a severe urinary tract infection produces ammonium due to urea which causes the rising of pH for more than 7.5 which leads to the formation of crystallization.

If it is confirmed that you do have an existing kidney stone and at the same time you got pregnant, there is a higher probability that the stone will grow even faster than expected since pregnant women since they are more prone to infection as compared to non-pregnant women.

Kidney stone in pregnancy is usually diagnosed when the second and third trimester of pregnancy take place. Most of the affected pregnant women react positively to oral medication however there are some severe cases wherein there is an immediate need for extraction or intercession. One of the most common procedures of intercession is the ureteral stent or the tube placement nephrostomy. The process called Shockwave Lithotripsy was never permitted or allowed to be used in in treating kidney stone in pregnancy.

We all know that pregnant women double their calcium intake, but it is not true that their calcium intake contributes a lot in making the kidney stone bigger and more severe. Maybe the one contributing to the severity of kidney stone is the lack of water intake.

All these kidney problems should be treated wholly through the required surgical procedure. Kidney stone in pregnancy, especially when it is already full grown, should be removed to give enough space for the baby to grow healthy. We all know that women’s uterus is just almost beside their kidneys so better yet, make enough room for the baby to relaxingly grow inside her mother’s womb. Or click here to see the natural treatment of kidney stones. Safe for pregnant women

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