Kidney Stones In Men

Kidney Stone In Men

Kidney stones in men are most likely to occur than in women. Reasons vary and there is really no definite explanation for the said observation.

There had been many causes of kidney stones in men but one of the common causes of these kidney stones is the very painful urinary tract infection. There are also medications for men that contribute to the developing of kidney stones. Other things that contribute to such illness are the lifestyle and the poor health habits of a person like drinking too less water, not having enough exercise for a long time and maybe for consuming too much oxalate which can be gotten from milk and chocolate. And lastly our genes may also dictate the development of kidney stones in men.

One proven reason why kidney stones are most likely to develop in men than in women is because men have bigger masses of muscle than women. Tissues that are break down increases the rate of metabolism thus causing the formation of the kidney stone. Another thing that makes men more prone to such sickness is that men do have a more complicated renal tract when you compare it with women.

    When a man is suspected to have kidney stones he is expected to feel the following:
  • a very intense most especially when they are peeing

  • severe lower back pain

  • abdominal pain and spasms in the genital area

  • Fever accompanied with chills

  • Blood stains may also be present in their urine

  • Nausea

    There are many ways to treat urinary tract infection to avoid the development of kidney stones.
  • Drink at least 8 10 glasses of pure and fresh water daily

  • Cranberry juice and coconut juice also helps in kidney cleansing

  • As much as possible, stay away from high sodium foods

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