Kidney Stone Pain Relief

Kidney stone pain comes to be caused by the build-up of minerals in the cavities of the kidney that forms stones. Stones do not just come with a single culprit as it can be caused by various mineral formations. The pain by which is made by the movement of fragments inside the rather narrow cavities of the kidney.

How Do You Differentiate Kidney Pain from Back Pain?

Back Pain Or Kidney StoneSometimes, a person comes without the knowledge that kidney stones are already present. The pain is often mistaken for just back pain. But, back pain is just concentrated on a single area while kidney pain comes to start at the back to the left and right side of the spines and radiate just above the hips. Back pain is also often dull and movement triggers the sensation while kidney pain is usually severe and intermittent. Unlike back pain, it does not have immediate pain reaction to exercise but rather, pain is actually felt moments later.

How is Kidney Stone Pain Described?

A person suffering from the pain of kidney stones would often describe it as severe. The pain is also distributed on the back and the sides just below the ribs. And one of the distinctive characteristic of kidney stone pain is radiating one in the lower abdomen and the groin.

How Long The Pain Will Last?

Kidney stone pain will usually last only after the stones are evacuated from the kidneys . In mild cases, these stones will just be drained down the system in the form of urine with the use of medications. This will then correct pain in a couple of days. Severe cases however may extend the feeling of pain which can be corrected with surgery.

What are the Symptoms Linked with Kidney Stone Other Than Pain?

Aside from the main symptom of kidney stone which is pain, there are other symptoms linked with it that may justify its presence. Since kidneys are main organs responsible for excretion of wastes especially urine, it does have symptoms linked with the urinary tract mainly.

  • One of the urinary tract symptoms is the passing of pink, red or brown urine.
  • Often times, urine comes cloudy with a foul smell.
  • Passing out urine with these characteristics is usually persistent.
  • One may always feel the sensation that is way too unusual than normal.

Aside from the symptoms linked with the urinary system, there are several symptoms too which may come with it like nausea and vomiting. And once infection is at hand, a person may already suffer from fever and chills.

How Can a Patient Cope with Pain?

There are times when pain just cannot be diminished in an instant. This is true with patients with severe cases waiting for the turn to get into the surgery. Since pain can be severe, the least that a patient does is to cope with the pain.

  1. Taking diversionary activities like watching movies will also help ease the idea of pain.
  2. The patient may need emotional support from the family. Emotional support does a lot to control pain as what psychology may tell.
  3. Taking over the counter pain medications would help relieve pain temporarily.

What are the Side Effects of Over-the-Counter Drugs?

As a part of coping with pain, over the counter drugs prescribed by doctors may help. But remember that it does come with side effects. These effects may not be serious but just brings discomfort to the patient. Side effects include:

  • constipation
  • drowsiness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • slowed breathing

All of these are effects of the blockage of pain receptors thus relaxing the body yielding the side effects. These effects can just be managed though.

What are the Natural Relievers for Kidney Stone Pain?

With all of these symptoms to manage and the kidney stone to get rid of, management plays an important role. There is no greater help to ease symptoms than home reliefs for kidney stone pain.


Drinking Water To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

The first in line is the intake of fluids. Since the major problem that causes stones is lack of fluids, might as well reinforce water to help ease pain. There is a need to take 8 to 10 glasses of water every day even after the stones have been evacuated from the kidneys. This is because there is a greater chance for recurrence.

Hot Compress Kidney Stone Pain Relief

If pain comes unbearable, hot compress can be applied on the area coupled with proper positioning to ease pain. A hot bath can also be introduced to ease the pain as part of the temporary relief.

How is Pain Managed in Pregnant Women?

It is said that pregnant women are most likely to suffer kidney stones since the hormones are changing and the absorption in the intestine is increased. For those who are pregnant, pain medication can be taken with the prescription of the doctor. Increasing fluids can also help together with decreasing calcium intake. In severe cases, stents and tubes are attached on the ureter to evacuate urine and minimize pain. The only think that blocks the treatment plan in pregnant women is the fact that diagnostic procedure like X-ray cannot be used because it will affect the development of the growing fetus. Moreover, open surgery can never be initiated especially to those nearing the final term.

Is Massaging Effective In Relieving The Pain?

Massage Kidney Stone Pain Relief

This basic treatment plan is already a good deal. To add on to this, massage can also be done. Massage for kidney stones is comprised of downward motions to help push the stones down to drain. This will also help loosen the tissues surrounding the stones to facilitate its movement. However, this goes with stones that can just be easily evacuated out of the body. Those stone formations that are huge enough to pass through the ureter cannot just be relieved through massage.


What are the Basic Treatment Plans for Kidney Stone Pain?

Aside from kidney stone pain relievers that will just temporarily ease the pain, there are basic treatment options that have to be initiated according to the severity of the condition. In mild conditions, one can just take pain medications and increase in fluid intake to drain down stones while in severe conditions, sound waves can be used to chip down stones or in some cases, surgery is the only choice.

Important: There are a lot of treatment plans and remedies to finally get rid of the existence of kidney stones. There are even remedies to help ease the pain while stones are not yet evacuated. But, when things get severe and pain comes to be unbearable coupled with fever, there is a need to consult the doctor already. This applies before taking medications too as you need to have medical clearance still to make sure you are on the safe track. 


Foods To Avoid Kidney Stones

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  1. I’ve had 2 pain attacks in 1 month time….. I was diagnosed with stones in both kidneys 6 & 5mm respectively. Once stones dislodges from Kidney in to ureter, it starts pain. Pain is due to injury & blockage of ureter. For instant relief of pain, have a Injection of NCID & massage the paining side. You can also take a hot bath, rub the affected area for temporary relief. Drink plenty of water & juices which would force stone to pass through ureter. Once its through, pain will diminish.

  2. 30 weeks pregnant and I have stones in both kidneys. My best relief has been drinking lots of water, and using a hot compress for 5 minutes ever 20 minutes or so.

  3. I’m haveing kidney stones right now, it’s been 4 days, so I looked on the internet for home remedies and started drinking the lemon juice and olive oil last night, so twice I’ve drank it, still waiting for relief, I take advil for pain it’s a anti-inflammatory which will help with irritated urethra. That’s all I got, I’ll comment again if the lemon and olive oil works.

  4. actual stone size is 7 mm check on last year but that time pain on right side after 2 month pain is stop and I can stop my treatment .but again pain start on left side so that time pain is dangerous so what can I do need to required natural treatment please help me

  5. I have unbearable pain above the right buttock. Due to this my entire body is shivering and unable to sleep .

    Kindly forward your advise immediately.

  6. Some one should tell them to use spell check or phrase things better in the article . They really not tell you what to do for the pain. It seems like a lure to read the article and not give you information… not very helpful when looking for the answer when you are in pain. What meds do doctors prescribe?

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