How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stone

If you happen to be suffering with the pain of kidney stones, you want to find relief as soon as possible before the issue becomes severe. There are many ways to get rid of kidney stones both surgically or naturally. Depending on the severity of the kidney stones and your lifestyle choices, here are a couple of helpful tips on getting rid of kidney stones.

Nutrition and Diet

  1. Consuming a lot of fiber is highly important in cleaning out the kidney and freeing the body of kidneys stones. A substantial amount of daily vegetable intake is also essential due to water soluble fiber. Green leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and romaine lettuce, in moderation, will give you the fiber you need to allow kidney stones to pass.
  2. Sugary foods should be completely eliminated until kidney stones are gone. The formation of kidney stone is heavily linked with sugary meals. More vegetables than fruits,should be consumed due to this fact.
  3. A magnesium supplement or rich food is another effective food, largely because most sufferers lack this mineral. If you opt for supplement, approximately 300-350 mg of magnesium should be taken daily, or the consumption of magnesium rich foods should be considered such as nuts, cereal, rice, oatmeal, yogurt, soybean, and spinach.

Home Remedies

  • Herbal remedies can definitely aid in fighting off kidney stones. One of the best kidney stone removing herbs is Juniper. It is available at many organic food stores. Kidney pain can also be alleviated by chewing on the berries, specifically blueberry and blackberries.
  • Lemon and Olive oil is another great herbal concoction that must be drank each day before going to bed. This will aid in slowly dissolving the kidney stones and allowing them to pass easily through the urinary tract.
  • Dried nettle leaf is a perfect herbal tea for flushing out kidney stones.



Back Exercise Abdomen Exercise

By constantly keeping your body in motion, the circulatory system can move any threat of kidney stones from your system. The stones in your kidney will loosen and move while exercising. The core exercises you will want to focus on is abdominal and lower back workouts.

Foods To Avoid

Foods that are high in vitamin C should be avoided at all costs. When vitamin C is taken at high levels it produces oxalate, which forms kidney stones. Some foods that are dangerous are caffeine, which disrupts the kidney’s natural function, leading to kidney stone formation.

  1. Rhubarb contains oxalate which is the object that makes up stones.
  2. Artificial sweeteners
  3. Animal meat, which is high in uric acid. Uric acid is a cause of kidney stones.
  4. Sardines, which contain purine that causes the stones.
  5. Carbonated beverages.
  6. Processed foods, such as potato chips, due to their contents of genetically modified substances.

Vitamin Intake

Vitamin A is ideal in helping with this disorder. This vitamin is generally good for the urinary tract. The daily recommended intake for adults is 5,000 international units. Avoid anymore than that, or the body will not dispense, and there will a build up in toxins.Foods that are rich in vitamin A are as follows:

  1. Sweet potatoes
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Winter squash
  4. Broccoli
  5. Carrots

Scientific studies have shown that a 25 milligram daily dose of Vitamin B6, can lower the oxalate level in the blood, decreasing the risk of kidney stone development.

Surgical Treatment

For those who opt to have surgery, or need surgery as the last alternative, the procedure is that a small incision will be made in your back. A hollow tube will then be inserted into the kidney, removing the stones. For open surgery, again a tiny cut will be made, but in the stomach this time, in order to access the kidneys and move the stones.

For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women can get rid of kidney stones by getting a lot of rest, drinking a lot of water, and pregnant women suffering from kidney stonesanalgesia. Surgical procedure will consist of stent placement, percutaneous nephrostomy, which is inserting a catheter right through the skin to the renal pelvis, using an ultrasound.

When urinating, catch the urine using a mesh cloth, that way the stones will be caught. They can be shown to your doctor and they can analyze why you may have developed them in the first place and the best way to heal for your individual body. A two liter bottle can be used to capture the urine, since the body should be releasing about two liters daily. If you are urinating to that equivalent, then that would only verify some sort of normality.

At the end of the day, whether you choose to got the medical or natural route, you want to make sure you are making wise lifestyle choices. As you can see there are just many of the ways to treat, or get rid of kidney stones, making your life much healthier, and productive.

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28 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stone

  1. Hello I’m Shannon an 18 year old female. I have 3 stones calcium oxilate in each kidney, and have had them now for 3 years. Children’s hospital has done nothing but put me on a water pill. Honestly my dad who contributed to the stones genetically said the best way to get rid of them is to have the hospital put you on an Iv or drink LOTS of fluids. Tea isn’t recomendid, but it helps me to move them along. Three years later and children’s hospital has done nothing for me, I am going to go to the hospital. I’ll comment back if anything changes, and let you know what the REAL doctors say.

  2. Hi,
    I had kidney stone problem since last Six years. it had taken ESWL once to break a stone of 14mm size, after two years Once URS for a stome 12mm which came out of kidney but stuck into ureter. after that i could able to rid for 3 stones naturally by taking homeopathic CANTHARIS drops and plenty of fluids. Lastly i just get rid of 9mm stone through urinal pass this November. so it is possible that a stone of size upto 9mm can pass through urinal but gives a pain.
    i found after stone analysis that my body is prone to produce Calcium Oxilate stones

    Kindly suggest remedy to stop recurrence of Calcium Oxilate stones.

  3. Most of this information provided on this site is bogus. Things like vitamin C or potassium citrate (lemon in water) will help prevent some types of kidney stones (Calcium oxalate stones) and eating a lot sweet potatoes and spinach can actually caws stones.

    I have spoken with my nephrologist about this.

  4. I have had 10 kidney stones since 2014 I had 9 removed but one is still in my kidney it is to far in to pass though but now 2015 I have just find out that I now have three I’m under going electric shock treatment on my second one on the 15 Dec 2015 I really hope this works this time as I’m 46 years old and sick of all the pain and tablets taking every day I need help to get rid once and for all change my diet and ways of living help and great advice wound be gladly welcome thank you x

  5. I took liquid royal breakstone’s chanca piedra and got rid of my kidney stones after 1 year – I Took it daily. I had calcium oxalate stones, not sure it will work on other kinds. After 3 years I am still kidney stone free and I have had stones as large as 12mm in size! It also helped me pass an 8mm stone that the doctor said was not passible as it also dilates the ureter! I also drank half my body weight in water daily ( no cokes, coffee). Now I am on maintenance dose as it is not a cure, but keeps me stone free as I take it every other day! A Miracle as I had stones for 25 years!

  6. Sir I have right side kidney one 6mm size stone and the stone is cross over the urine pipe but problem is my urine pipe is very small so what can I do..??

  7. To everybody in the comments-it’s it’s 4mm and up, you’ll most likely need lithotripsy, as it will be too large to pass out of the kidney on its own.
    Speaking from experience, 4 stones, 1 stent and a lithotripsy later.

  8. My doctor informed me that I have two stones in my kidney 5mm.I am feeling continued pain in left part of stomach. What I can do to get rid of pain and stones. Please help me.

  9. hi folks,i have been getting stones now for 22 years ive had over 40,ive tryed everything,had some taken out and stents put in ,,not nice at all,also got had shock wave treatment another horrible experience ,,then about 4 years ago i was look for other options on the web and found it “the only thing that really works” chanca piedra , its made from a plant that grows in the amazon ,its made from the chanca piedra shrub which means stone breaker shrub,and trust me it works you can buy it on ebay in capsule form,google it first and see, within 7 to 10 days you will pass your stones,it starts to desolve them and the sharp edges go away and they slide out easily,and there good for lots of other things too,mother nature has a cure for most things if we only knew it all,,hope ive helped some of my fellow stone makers,,good luck,ger,

  10. Hi I have had intense pain in leftvside for 2weeks now. Went to hospital. I have a 6mm kidney stone and am so tired of the pain wanting to pass it as I can’t sitvor stand without the prior intense pain. Been drinking lots of water and just started doing shots of lemon juice as I can’t stand lemon water or lemonade. I as well know I lack in fiber was wondering if fiber supplements will as well help. Please let me know I want my life back to normal.

  11. I have had kidney stones off and on for yhe past 7years ive tried so much and had to get stents put ib and them lazered and shock up and u bame it ive prob had it i just want help to get ride of them forever what can i do iam in desprate need thank you

  12. Drink lots of water, eat lots of veggies, you can put them in a high power blender, like kale, cabbage, beats, apple, berries, water melon, carrot, and many others, just keep trying different combinations , oh, and 3 cloves a day of garlic is good, don’t forget to exercise, 3 days a week

  13. I have had problems with kidney stones in the past as a matter of fact they had ty o put me on a shaker table to break them . I now have a 7 mm . An I want to get rid of it naturally please help desperate in ohio .

  14. I also have a problem with stones. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet been able to figure out what I’m doing to cause them. I’ve tried the diet modifications but it seems no matter what I try nothing helps. When I go see a doctor, all they say is that I’m filled up in both kidneys.a Any ideas how to narrow it down so I can get some relief. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

  15. Helo Sir/Madam, I have a problem of kidney stone in right kidney measuring 4.7 mm. i have taken auyarvadic medicines contineously for two and a half month w.e.f. 10 feb. 2015 and also aviods foods that doctor has recommended me and drinks plenty of water but yet i have the same problem (light pain in right side of the front portion of the abdomen). doctor has also told me that you have Grade 1 Fatty Liver and IBS problem. please guide me what i can do further. thanks

  16. My doctor informed me that I have two stones in my kidney 8mm and 5mm.I am feeling continued pain in left part of stomach. What I can do to get rid of pain and stones. Please help me.

  17. I feeled a pain from left side of my abdominal so, i did a ultrasound test that shows my kidne has stone 5 mm so, please advise how to remove the stone

  18. Hi. I just come out of hospital. Iwas in bad pain.Doctor said i still got two4mm and5mm stone.advice me how to get rid naturally. Thanks

  19. Cranberry juice is helpful – avoid the juices with sugar added (which is nearly all of them), including sugars from other added juices such as apple.

    Unsweetened cranberry juice isn’t very tasty. Very sour. Good luck!

  20. Hi,

    Iam suffering with kidney stone problem .the stone is about6.5mm and it is in the urinary tube so, plz tell me the solution how to passout the stone as soon as pssible.

  21. I will try changing my eating habits following your advice, will get back in few weeks

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