Get Rid Of Kidney Stones By Doing Kidney Stones Cleanse

A kidney stone cleanse is done to get rid of kidney stones by taking a large amount of liquid and watching what you eat. In some cases, an improved diet accompanied with lots of water could do the trick. However, bowel cleansing may also be helpful in the process of cleansing.

The main aim of a kidney stone cleanse is to dissolve kidney stones, but it could also be used to improve your kidneys’ health by flushing out toxins that accumulate inside your kidney tissues. Since there are many kinds of kidney stones, it could take days or even months to completely dissolve them.

There are several options for kidney stone cleansing that are available, and the one you choose will depend on the type of kidney stones that you have, the availability of ingredients used for the cleanse, and the extent of your kidney stone formation. For instance, if the kidney stones are very large, you may need a very strong remedy, and if they cause severe pain, then you may have to forego a kidney cleanse and seek medical attention. Some kidney stone cleanses may involve taking fresh juices such as lemonade or watermelon. If you have acute lower back pain, you may require special herbs.

Your kidney cleanse could simply involve taking fruits that have high levels of citrates. Citrates are known to stop kidney stones from increasing in size and simultaneously preventing calcium from accumulating within your kidneys. Fruits that are rich in citrates include bananas, grapes, tomatoes and oranges. You could also take kava-kava tablets. Kava-kava herb acts like a calcium channel blocker that alleviates the spasms that are related to kidney stones and relaxes your urethra. One tablet is taken on a daily basis.

Another kidney stone cleanse involves taking an olive oil and lemon juice concoction. The olive oil will lubricate and soothe your urethral passage, while the acidity from the lemon juice will break down the crystals and clear the kidney stones from your urethral passages. This mixture should be taken once a day before you go to bed. If you experience pain, you could mix lemon juice with an equal amount of olive oil, then drink it straight down, followed by a large glass of water. Ideally, the kidney stones should pass within the next 24 hours.

Kidney Stone Cleanse

Apple cider vinegar could also be taken, since it has a high acidity that breaks up the kidney stones. This then allows them to pass from your body effortlessly, without injuring your urinary tract or causing pain. Five tablespoons should be taken daily, and it is recommended that they be taken 30 minutes before meals. You could dilute this to your taste using water. A 3-day fast during which you only take apple juice and large quantities of distilled water could also be effective in getting rid of kidney stones. Generally, every kidney stone cleanse included drinking a lot of water, which helps to soften them while preventing the formation of new ones. Twelve full large glasses of water are recommended to rid your urinary system of kidney stones.

Apple Cider Vinegar Kidney Stones



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  1. Hi, I am having 5 months pregnancy, I am already inserted with stent in 3 months of pregnancy. However the stones fragmented of which 2 are now in lower ureter and getting pain. Can i take olive oil and lemon juice concoction. Is it safe ?

  2. Pure Lemon juice and water. There is a YouTube on this with this guy who explains how to do this.

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