Chanca Piedra And Kidney Stones

If you suffer from kidney stones and have been looking for a suitable natural remedy, then it is possible that you have heard of chanca piedra. This is a small herb that grows annually in the  rainforests of the Amazon as well as other tropical areas around the world, including southern India, China and the Bahamas. The plant’s Spanish name, that is chanca piedra, actually means ‘stone breaker’. It got its name as a result of its effective use in eliminating kidney stones and gallstones for the indigenous people of the Amazon. However, it is also used by the same people for problems including diabetes, malaria, dysentery, flu, gonorrhea, dyspepsia and tumors.

Research studies have proven the effectiveness of chanca piedra in the elimination of kidney stones. In addition, it leads to an increase in urine output, and the excretion of sodium and creatine is enhanced. It is now found in many pharmacies in Brazil and is offered for the treatment of kidney stones. The herb’s extract is also known to have the ability to inhibit the creation of calcium oxalate crystals, which are the building blocks for most kidney stones. As a  result, it is also used as a preventative aid for those with a history of kidney stones.

Kidney stones are formed when your urine is too concentrated, usually because of chronic dehydration, infection, kidney disorder, magnesium deficiency and excessive oxalates or purines in the diet. The calcium that is present in the urine, which is often mixed with oxalate, slowly forms deposits in your kidneys. Eventually, these deposits, in the form of small sand-like particles, make their way to your urinary tract, and are then passed through urination, which could be painful. You may also notice blood in your urine, which could result when your urinary tract is injured by these particles.

In some instances, the kidney stones are too large to pass through the urine and if left untreated, they could shift or even block your urine flow. This could possibly injure your kidney, which is why it is important to get rid of kidney stones as early as possible. To prevent kidney failure, the stones are either crushed into smaller pieces or they are removed surgically.  However, it is preferable to get rid of them before they are too large, and chanca piedra is known to be very effective in doing this. Another natural and drug-free remedy that can dissolve and pass kidney stones which can explain in full detail here at -Kidney Stone Removal Report .

Chanca piedra prevents muscle spasms and facilitates the removal of kidney stones by relaxing your smooth muscle tissue in the ureter and bladder walls. Since the urinary tract is tight and narrow, the herb extract relaxes and opens it up, which then allows the stones to move down with great ease. This significantly reduces the amount of pain felt when the stones pass. Chanca piedra has an inhibiting effect on kidney stone formation even at very high levels of calcium oxalate. Although you may experience occasional cramping during stone expulsion, chanca piedra has no side effects, and is therefore recommended for those with kidney stones or those at risk of developing them.

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