Causes Of Kidney Stones

Nephrolithiasis is the result of the piling up of increased number substances in the urine which eventually solidifies. This case is better known as having kidney stones.Thee stones may grow bigger if left untreated. It may bring the patient severe pain and great discomfort.

There are many known causes of kidney stones. Some of it can be avoided while some of it just naturally occurs. Here are some known causes of kidney stones.

  • Abnormality in the formation or in the structure of one's renal tract could be one of the many causes of kidney stones. There are some cases wherein a certain part of the whole tract may be blocking the part where the urine flows thus leading to stocked toxins and urine substances in the urinary bladder. These stocked substances may eventually harden and lead to the formation of kidney stones.

  • When a person is not fond of drinking water, then he or she will most likely to develop UTI or urinary tract infection which may eventually lead to the build up of kidney stones. Water serves as the master cleanser of our internal organs and system. If you drink just a little of it, then it will take more time for you to have those toxins cleaned up.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle such as too much alcohol drinking may also lead to having kidney stones.

  • Obesity which is one of the main health problems today may also lead to kidney stone formation or worse, kidney failure.

  • One of the uncontrollable causes of kidney stones is through genetics. Such kidney abnormality may run in the blood.

  • People who are fond of eating too much junk foods and other foods which are known for containing too much sodium may also be prone to develop kidney stones.

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