Apple Cider Vinegar for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are formed when dissolved minerals in the urine solidify and combine to form crystal aggregations. These solid formations are found inside the kidneys or bladder of the person with the kidney stones. The stones may vary in size; they may be as small as sand grains, or as large as golf balls. Typically, a person could pass kidney stones when urinating; most kidney stones form and pass in the urine stream without getting noticed. However, when they grow to a significant size before they are passed, they could form an obstruction in the ureter.

Kidney stones become dangerous when they cause severe pain due to dilation and stretching of the urinary parts in trying to remove the stone from the body. The pain is often felt in the flank and the groin. This may also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, which are caused by the embryological relationship between the kidneys and intestinal tract. A person may also notice blood in his or her urine, which is caused due to the damage to the urinary tract’s lining. The treatment of kidney stones is enhanced by both prevention and early detection. One of the natural folk remedies used for its successful treatment is apple cider vinegar. Or you can check out the information available in The Kidney Stones Removal Report” 

Apple cider vinegar is known to contain acetic acid, but studies indicate that despite the fact that it is acidic, it actually has an alkalinizing effect on your blood and urine. During the digestive process, hydrochloric acid and bicarbonate are secreted in the stomach. Bicarbonate is a highly alkaline digestive juice that is produced by your pancreas, and its job is to alkalinize the digestive juices, including hydrochloric acid. This is meant to prepare the food for further digestion as well as elimination.

Apple cider vinegar enhances the digestive process and the production of hydrochloric acid due to its alkalinizing effect while in the body. In addition, it also assists in converting urine and blood to an alkaline state. Ultimately, apple cider vinegar reduces the products in your body that form acid, which means that your body will not be vulnerable to kidney stones. Due to its ability to alkalinize the body and raise its pH, this natural remedy is effective in preventing and relieving a number of other conditions.


Apple cider vinegar could be used to cure small kidney stones, and is also effective in preventing new kidney stones from forming. It could also dissolve larger stones, although this is in cases in which the person is not undergoing a severe attack that goes on for hours on end. If this is the case, then you are encouraged to seek immediate medical attention. The treatment could be taken in several forms. You could prepare an apple cider vinegar solution by mixing with water and drinking it; if the taste is unpleasant, you could use it with raw organic honey. You could also use it as a condiment or salad dressing, or in form of poultice as a topical treatment. In case of any discomfort from vinegar, you could reduce your intake and slowly work your way back to the recommended dosage. Click here to find out about natural treatment for kidney stones.


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6 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar for Kidney Stones

  1. A few years ago, I had a kidney stone about the size of a peanut in the shell. Had to have it blasted into bits. It was worse than full natural childbirth. Honest. As you can imagine, I’m terrified of getting another one. The moment I start to feel “that ache”, I use 2 tablespoons of ACV and follow it (quickly!!) with 6-8 oz of water. I drink it 4-5 times a day for about 3 days. So far I haven’t had any problems, so I’m either really lucky, or it really does work. Also, rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after each dose. Apparently it can be hard on the enamel of your teeth.

    Found this: Drink the solution frequently throughout the day before meals to dissolve and clear the kidney stones from the body. After the stones have passed, continue drinking the solution 1 – 2 times weekly to prevent the formation of new stones.

  2. Hi All,

    I am suffering kidney stone problem in my left ureter 11mm Stone..

    Please suggest home Remedy for this

  3. I have kidney stone stuck in one of the tubes in the kidney.what is the best solution to pass it. Please let me know.

  4. Apple cider venegar unfiltered organic with “the mother” worked for me . Drink 2oz every day. I passed several larger stones without pain, absolutely no pain. I usually have kidney stones in measurements of 1″ and I found this online and “it works”. It took about 1 week and then I started passing the stones, again with no pain. It’s disgusting to drink but it is far better then having surgery, which I have gone through twice and I won’t do surgery ever again. This works. You can do this more times in a day but I suggest just once a day so your ph balance doesn’t mess up. The very first thing you will notice is that any pain you have may be alleviated and your urine will no longer be dark like it is the case if you have blood in your urine because of the stones. It discenegrates large stones until they pass painlessly. Truly amazing. I tried the lemon method, it did not work for me but this does. Good luck and there are other ways besides operations to get rid of those stones.

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